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Dear Michael, Thank you and the Caggiano family for the outstanding service that we received for my father's funeral. Your sensitivity to our needs was met every step of the way, from the pre- arrangement, to the very first call to you announcing his passing to hear your kind voice, to the kind gentleman, Joe who came to retrieve my dad, and then finally, seeing that everyone was greeted and tended to was performed with perfection. Caggiano's did an outstanding job and my father would be proud. Thank you and well done. Carol Lemon & Family, daughter of Lloyd G. Black


My family and I would like to express our deepest appreciation for all that the Caggiano Memorial Home did to help honor Ragna Fahlstedt with sensitivity and dignity.
Because my mother was an accomplished artist, we elected to display a number of her works at the service. This required multiple trips to the closet by your staff to locate and place enough easels.
You were there when we needed anything and anticipated many of those needs, while remaining respectfully in the background.
Of course this has been a very difficult time for us and we thank you for your efficiency and compassion.

Annelie Fahlstedt

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